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In frustration I decided to go to the bait shop for some help. It was abuzz with all kinds of activity from the numerous
frustrated fishermen looking for a way to get the advantage on the other fishermen. Bait, lures and all sorts of other
fishing contraptions were flying off the shelves. The shop owner was smiling in glee
while hawking the latest, new and improved products “guaranteed” to bring in the big ones.

The fishermen leaving the bait shop were smiling knowing that their fishing dreams and expectations were soon to
be fulfilled. You could see them going back to the lakeside with all the others, fishing just like everyone else but,
soon their dreams and hopes faded away. After all that money they spent at the bait shop and even using the tips
from their fellow fishermen they were still back to where they started. NO FISH!

I decided to break away from others at the lakeside and try something different. I figured I had nothing to loose. I
drove around the lake to a deserted spillway. As I crept closer, standing there all by myself I could see it was
teaming with fish. The rippling water was silvery gold from their scales reflecting the sun and hundreds of fish were
breaking the surface. It was down right unbelievable!


I didn't need to use any of the magic bait, expensive lures or the latest new fangled gizmo. In fact they were biting on
little or even no bait at all. Just using a shinny hook would bring them in. I was fun bringing in all those easy to catch
fish. Without any competition,what so ever, I caught my limit in no time flat.

That day I figured out that if you want to go fishing you need to go where the fish are. You don’t need to spend all
that money on expensive bait and lures. You can get your limit with very little effort. Let the others just get frustrated
doing the same old thing like everyone else.  I now know that there is a better way.

The only real winner in this story (Besides me) was the bait shop owner. He reaped a small fortune selling all those
hopes and dreams, that in the end really didn't pan out for all those frustrated fishermen.

If you were to go back to that lake on a nice summer day you would see that the fishing habits haven’t changed. The
fishermen would still buy all that expensive gear and would be going about fishing just like they always did. Fishing
away, lining the edge of the lake with all the others. They would be happy to just get the very few fish they could reel
in. Because, that is how they always did it.

However, If  you would drive over to that spillway on the other side of the lake you would see it still teaming with fish.
Scales reflecting in the sun. You could practically bend over and simply pick them out with your bare hands. It would
be a most magical sight.

It would also, be kind of baffling to see all those hundreds of fish hanging out there in day after day, just waiting to
be caught. But, there still wouldn't be any fishermen to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity

                      NO FISHERMEN TONS OF FISH!

                                 Why are there no fishermen?

I              It’s because no one told them how easy it could be if they would only go to where the fish are!

What does this story have to do with the
way you market to prospective clients?
                      Do you see any parallels with this story and your own marketing efforts?

                      Do you try to market like everyone else does?

                      Do you hang out with all the other companies similar to yours in the yellow pages?

                       Do you go to all that effort and expense to distribute some fliers, to do a
                      direct mail campaign or to use discount coupons just to reel in a few customers?

                      Do you feel that you are just making the marketing reps rich ? While you sweat
                     and pray that you'll at least break even on your marketing efforts.

                      You need to forget about what all the others are doing. Why work so hard just to pay
                      for the yellow pages, postage, printing or the car payments for your ad rep?

                      Marketing doesn’t need to be so much work and expense.
                      In fact it’s simple. You just need to go where the easy fishing is

    I’ll tell where the easy fishing is and how simple it is to reel them in!

Here is a  short story to help you to understand
how this marketing method  works

A while back I went to the lake to do a little fishing. It was the dog days   
of summer and fishing wasn't very productive to say the least.

There were people lining the edges of the lake and a few were trolling
with their boats. You could hear fed-up fishermen swapping tales of
which bait to use or which lures would be more productive. But, no
matter what they did there wasn't much fishing action.

I went to the edge of the lake along with all the others trying to find the
right combination of bait, lures or some magic fishing scent. But, it was
all to no avail. Nothing was biting and the few that were caught were too
small and had to be thrown back.
My unique marketing system will show you
how to find the secret hot spots in your area.
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